Wydma & Las Apartamenty w Jastarni
Wydma & Las Apartamenty w Jastarni
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Luxurious suites close to nature

Unwind in interiors inspired by the beauty of nature. Warm and ecological materials, subtle decorations and a balanced choice of colours that are soothing to the senses while helping you to relax. Each suite has extra space in the form of a terrace or garden, arranged in styles inspired by the elements: water, sun and wind. Immerse yourself in a unique coastal atmosphere.

In a peaceful area of Jastarnia

The suites are uniquely located on the border between Jastarnia and Jurata, on the premises of the Seaside Landscape Park. It is somewhere for you to relax in the vicinity of nature.

Wydma&Las is located just:

  • 200 m away from an open sea beach
  • 1.5 km away from the railway station in Jastarnia/Jurata
  • 1.8 km away from the pier in Jastarnia
  • 1.8 km away from the fishing port and marina in Jastarnia
  • 2 km away from the centre of Jurata

Attractions in the area

Wydma&Las is the perfect place for anyone looking for intimacy combined with the opportunity to spend time actively surrounded by nature. It offers a number of attractions for children, adolescents and adults. Spend some carefree time here, enjoying the fresh air, the fine sand on the beach and the singing of the birds, accompanied everyday by the aroma of the pine forest.

Our philosophy

Our goal in designing the Jastarnia suites has been to offer the ultimate comfort and a space for you to slow down and immerse yourself in a relaxing journey along the seashore. Here you will fall in love with Hel Peninsula at first sight as you discover the beauty of the area. Our suites offer a perfect setting for you to relax and unwind, while enjoying the coastal climate.